Mole Control

The Mole

For years, customers in the Stow Ohio area have asked: “How do you get rid of moles?”  There is finally an answer!

Stow Lawn Care Mole Control

The newest service our Stow Lawn Care company offers to it’s residents is a mole repellent program.  The program consists of 4 treatments that we’ve found to be 99% effective in repelling moles from your yard.

The benefits of our Mole Control program

Mole Control Stow Ohio - Our product is 100% natural and pesticide freeOur product is 100% natural and pesticide free

Our Mole Control for Northeast Ohio is not harmful to Kids or PetsNot harmful to kids or pets

Mole Damage control by Custom Spray is 99% effective on controling moles without harm to Kids or Pets and pesiticide free.99% effective at repelling and controlling moles in your yard and beds

For each mole control treatment your Stow Lawn Care technician will spray a liquid treatment on your lawn and landscaping beds that will drive the moles away from your lawn.

Mole control treatments with our product are 99% effective a month after the treatment so we try to schedule the 4 yearly treatments approximately 5 weeks apart.

Custom Spray Norton Ohio Lawn Care can control mole damage to your yard with pesticide free treatments that will not harm kids or pets.

Mole Damage – Don’t let your lawn look like this!